Texas Range Minerals are different. For over 20 years we have been using forage analysis to tailor our range minerals to your forages and your cattle. Our minerals stand alone as unique because our ingredients are unique, so different that we gained a patent on formula parameters in 2001.

Rumen Availability

Most mineral companies emphasize bio-availability (meaning it is available somewhere inside the animal before it leaves the animal). At Texas Range Minerals we are more concerned with mineral Rumen Availability. Why? Because cattle use mineral most efficiently in the rumen. For this reason, we use a unique water soluble source of phosphorus. Using highly soluble ingredients in our mineral mixes makes a little go a long way.  A bag of Texas Range Minerals lasts much longer than the industry-standard minerals that continue to use ingredients researched in the 1950s. Because it lasts longer, you will spend substantially less on mineral than you spend now.

In addition to industry standard minerals using some ingredients that are not rumen available, most minerals contain grain or meal to trick your cattle to eat more. Such fillers require that the mineral be coated or “rain proofed” to prevent spoilage. Rain-proofing techniques make mineral impervious to water thus more difficult for your cattle to utilize in the rumen.

Our mineral doesn’t require rain-proofing because we add no ingredients that spoil. If a mineral is accurately balanced to the forage, you don’t have to trick cattle to eat it.

Forage Analysis

To achieve a balanced formula we do forage analysis to determine your mineral deficiencies.  Upon receiving your forage analysis we are able to design a mineral mix that supplements only what is missing in your forage. Sounds like common sense, to supplement only those elements that are missing or unavailable.  Yet many industry standard mixes add high levels of a mineral even though the forage has that mineral in excess.  Examples are calcium and iron.  That wastes money. Moreover, the bitter truth is that excessive levels of certain minerals can actually be a detriment. Our philosophy is simple, “Supplement what is missing; don’t supplement what is not missing”. As you can see, Texas Range Minerals are different.