Our Stocker Wheat Minerals square up with the mineral profile of wheat forages and treat problems of mineral excesses and deficiencies in wheat forage, mainly cattle bloating and foot rot.

Frothy bloating in cattle occurs when they consume highly soluble wheat pasture forage or lush pasture when certain environmental conditions converge.

Our mineral formulations for stockers on wheat accurately supplement those minerals lacking in wheat pasture and rectify mineral imbalances caused by excesses.

Stocker Wheat DV is our all-natural bloat preventive mineral. Preventive: we treat bloat in cattle by addressing the root cause that trips off frothy bloat. We don’t want to just treat the symptoms.

Our Stocker Wheat DV minerals can also be formulated, upon request, with an ionophore such as Rumensin®, and Texas Range Minerals also has a Poloxalene (Bloat Guard®) supplement.