Raising your own replacement heifers can be a valuable tool in producing uniform calves to sell. Essential to heifer development is proper nutrition.

The most important role for beef heifers is to get bred, raise a calf, and re-breed. Conformation and looks are important but can be overemphasized. Cattle are individuals. Some heifers will be more reproductively efficient than others. Early maturity is an indicator of fertility.

Texas Range Minerals custom-formulates minerals for replacement heifers, delivering mineral and vitamins needed to optimize heifer development. Between weaning and breeding, good nutrition has to be at a high level. From breeding through the first two trimesters, your replacement heifers are developing frame and pelvic capacity to allow a calf room to pass through the birth canal. Then after calving, milk production is the biggest drain affecting heifer development. Good nutrition has to be in place so she can repair her reproductive tract and have enough energy to milk and begin cycling again before she is put back with the bulls.

TRM Heifer Development minerals, balanced to your forage and water, will help you get your heifers ready to take their place in your brood cowherd.