The job of your stocker cattle is to turn cellulose into red meat.

As a stocker operation your focus is average daily gains, your bottom line dictates that it isn’t just your stocker cattle putting on weight, but putting on weight in the most cost effective way.

The rumen, a marvel of creation, is designed to turn grass into beef, with rumen bacteria your microscopic middlemen. These Microscopic Middlemen are the engineering life force between the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, changing the simple arrangement of elements and minerals that make up grasses and rearranging them into beef ̶ beef, one of nature’s most nutritionally dense packages of the essential amino acids and proteins needed for optimal health in human beings.

Targeting your stocker cattle with a TRM custom-formulated yearling mineral mix helps them make the most of the cheapest feed source available to any stocker operation today: his forage. Because the costs of grains and protein supplements have become so expensive, each operator must find a way to maximize their gains on grass. TRM mixes excel by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency, getting the most out of your grass.