A Cow-Calf Operations goal is to keep the reproductive efficiency maximized in their cow herd year in and year out. Optimum mineral balance and mineral availability in the rumen is very important to maximizing conception rates. TRM’s goal is to formulate the most accurately balanced soluble mineral for your beef cattle, for your grass and water, using only the highest quality ingredients. Benefits to the beef producer are increases in reproductive efficiency and better herd health by increasing animals immune responses thus reducing incidence of retained placenta in cattle, foot rot, lumpy jaw and pink eye in cattle all at a low annual cow cost.

Rumen availability = Rumen efficiency. Production is increased at an efficient cost through mineral solubility.

Mineral solubility:

  1. Maximizes Reproductive Efficiency
    More cows bred in a shorter breeding season.
  2. Increases Weaning Weights
    Calves grow faster, and their being born closer together results in older average age at weaning, increasing weaning weights.
  3. Lowers Annual Cow Cost
    Solubility satisfies rumen requirements.  It takes less mineral.  Stock salt alongside your TRM mix lowers cost further.
  4. Ensures Healthier Cows
    Accurately balanced mineral with availability boosts cattle’s natural immune system.  Expect lower incidence of retained placenta in cattle, of foot rot, of pinkeye in cattle and lumpy jaw.  Calves growing up on Texas Range Minerals respond more robustly to vaccines.

Texas Range Minerals cow-calf mixes are based on the TRM philosophy:  “Supplement what is missing; do not supplement what is not missing.” Following this simple philosophy can increase production in beef cattle.