The most important thing a cow-calf producer can do is get his cows bred and get a live healthy calf on the ground. Then he begins to have a chance to sell a calf.

Nutritional needs of beef cows have changed greatly over the decades as beef herds in the United States have improved. In the open range days, cattle production and practices were simple: you basically produced only what the environment would let you produce. Calf weaning weight was in the 300- to 400-pound range. During droughty years, a cow’s self-preservation metabolism kicked in and she might skip a year having a calf. Those economics will not work well in our modern world.

Modern Beef Cattle Production

The increase in modern beef cattle production potential demands more intense management practices.

Today, cattle supplements of protein, energy, vitamins and mineral are vital. The role played by mineral supplementation in cattle production, while small, is indispensable. Some mineral ingredients are expensive so you will want to take care to balance your mineral supplement accurately, never paying to supplement a mineral that is excessive in your grass and water, but supplementing those minerals that analysis shows are missing.

Texas Range Minerals can calibrate your mineral mix to supply deficiencies at least-cost. Give your beef cows adequate, balanced nutrition and see a beefier bottom line.